Person-Centered Planning Overview

Person-centered planning is a process to help you and your circle of support create a vision of your ideal future and collaboratively develop a concrete and actionable plan that outlines the steps and supports needed to make it all happen.


Person-centered planning on its own is typically a three-step process:

  1. Pre-planning to prepare for the person-centered planning process and team meeting,

  2. Facilitated team meeting(s),

  3. Development of a comprehensive, actionable person-centered plan document and one-page profile.

For participants in the Self-Determination Program, your person-centered planning provider can also assist you to:

   4. Present your plan to the regional center (usually done during an IPP team meeting),

   5. Negotiate your individual budget, and

   6. Create your spending plan (your FMS helps with this part, too).

Regional centers will pay a maximum of $2,500 for “initial person-centered planning services” to help each Self-Determination Program participant transition successfully into the program. This can include just the creation of the person-centered plan document (steps 1-3) or all of the services listed above (steps 1-6) - it's up to you and the level of support you need.


We have helped dozens of Self-Determination Program participants with these steps. We are experts in this process and are here to help you and advocate for you along the way!

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Get started by scheduling your complimentary 30-minute phone or video intake session with Founder Sonni Charness to discuss your current situation and needs. We will review our service offerings and availability for Self-Determination Program participants and determine which Guidelight Group team member and level of service will be right for you.

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