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Is Private Life Coaching & Coordination right for you?

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Father and teenage son bumping fists

Let’s face it, there are some situations when it is just not cool for a teenager or adult to show up with your parent: a job interview, your workplace, your college campus, a date, a party, or anyplace where you are hoping to make friends. At Guidelight Group, we help individuals with disabilities navigate these kinds of experiences safely and successfully- with dignity and confidence intact.

While our services are centered around the individual, it is often the parents or family members of that individual who are the ones seeking support. Private Life Coaching & Coordination might be right for you if you are a:

- Parent who wants to give your adult child with a disability the opportunity to live a more independent and self determined life.

- Parent who needs support navigating post-secondary education options and adult service systems like Regional Center and Department of Rehabilitation.

- Parent who wants to retire from full-time parenting and enjoy a more typical relationship with their adult child.

- Parent who is ready to take a step back from the responsibility of managing and coordinating their adult child’s daily life.

- Parent who wants to support advocating for their adult child.

- Parent concerned about your adult child’s care when you are no longer able to provide it.

- Sibling who has acquired the responsibility of caring for your sibling with a disability.

You might use Private Life Coaching & Coordination services for assistance with:

- Choosing supports and services

- Managing staff and other service providers

- Advocating for services and benefits​

- Finding and maintaining employment

- Making and keeping friends

- Living independently

- Exploring new interests

- Transitioning to post-parental care

- Learning new skills

- Achieving specific goals

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