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Training independent facilitators to serve clients of the San Diego Regional Center


Guidelight Group is partnering with the San Diego Regional Center to offer scholarships to our Essential Independent Facilitator Training Program for those who are committed to serving clients in the San Diego Regional Center's catchment area.

We are accepting scholarship applications for Summer 2024. ​


About the Program:

The goal of this scholarship is to increase the number of capable independent facilitators committed to serving individuals in San Diego, particularly those in underserved communities. Recipients of the San Diego scholarship will have access to all of the components of Guidelight Group's standard training program, including:

  • 16+ hours of live virtual instruction (2 hours per week for 8 weeks)

  • Biweekly office hours

  • 3 individual coaching sessions

  • 2 group coaching sessions

  • Vast downloadable resource library

  • Customized tools and templates

  • Our incredible and collaborative alumni community


Visit our main independent facilitator training page for more info.

PLUS, recipients will attend an additional 2-hour training session to introduce them to working with San Diego Regional Center to lay the foundation for a smooth and collaborative relationship. It will cover the specific processes and expectations for independent facilitators and SDP participants at San Diego Regional Center, as well as helpful information like who to contact for various needs, how to get paid, and how to connect with local clients.

Scholarship Value:

The cost to attend Guidelight Group's Essential Independent Facilitator Training Program is $1,800. San Diego Regional Center is offering a scholarship of $1,500 per person, which leaves a small out of pocket investment of $300 per person.


For those who are not able to make the out-of-pocket investment, full scholarships will be considered on a case-by-case basis. You can indicate your need for a full scholarship on the application.

Important Dates & Deadlines:

Winter 2024 Session:



Summer 2024 Session:

Tentatively planned for July 10 - August 28, 2024
Wednesdays, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Summer 2024 dates still to be confirmed


The program is intended for people who already have a solid understanding of the Self-Determination Program and the role of an independent facilitator, and who are looking for extra training and support to get their practice off the ground.

Applicants must complete the online scholarship application to be considered.


  • Availability to attend class at the established dates and times for the full 8 weeks (1-2 absences are allowed as long as you watch the recording of class prior to the next week's class).

  • Ability to participate in 2 hours of instruction plus about 2 hours of homework per week.

  • Ability to access instruction via Zoom and course materials via an online learning platform.

  • Ability to respectfully participate in live instruction and collaborate with classmates.

  • Ability to read and understand official regional center documents and simple spreadsheets.

  • Willingness to become a regional center vendor for General Self-Directed Supports (service code 099) to support people to transition into the Self-Determination Program (paid at $50/hour).

  • One personal or professional reference.

Priority will be given to applicants who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Live within (or near) the San Diego Regional Center catchment area

  • Represent an underserved, minority, BiPOC community

  • Speak a language other than English

  • Person with a disability

Scholarship recipients must pledge to serve at least two participants from the San Diego Regional Center in their first year of practice, at least one of whom must be from a disparity group. Recipients must also commit to serving disparity groups in their work as an independent facilitator overall.

Guidelight Group and San Diego Regional Center reserve the right not to select an applicant for the scholarship if, in its determination, the applicant is not qualified for or sufficiently responsive to the scholarship intent. 


We are now accepting applications for 2023-2024 sessions. 

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