Guidelight Group is a leading provider of person-centered planning and independent facilitation services for teens and adults in California's Self-Determination Program.


Person-Centered Planning

Person-centered planning is a process to help you and your circle of support articulate a vision of your ideal future and collaboratively create a concrete and actionable plan that outlines the steps and supports needed to make it all happen.

Independent Facilitation

Independent facilitation services are available on an ongoing basis to help you and your circle of support to implement your person-centered plan and operate successfully in the Self-Determination Program. Your FMS will pay your independent facilitator out of your individual budget. 

I couldn't imagine a better independent facilitator. Throughout the whole process, I was impressed by Sonni's knowledge, empathy and understanding for what I want to do with my life."

- Howard M., Self-Determination Program Participant

PHONE: (310) 883-8343

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